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Duration: 20:23 Submitted: 4 months ago
Description: Wicked Ass 1 - Scene 6. My wife Marina and I were driving around one night after dinner at a new restaurant when we saw a brightly lit red and yellow Lingerie and Adult Products neon sign. I licked at her earlobe and then I kissed her deep in her mouth, our tongues tight against each other. I found out that she and her mother had some evil plans for me so I kicked her to the curb. Jesus, he exclaimed excitedly, you're very wet today. I repeated for several minutes using the broad of my tongue until Sara began to actively hump my mouth. Her hand brushed across my cock. So while that Hollywood commotion was on-screen behind us, I went down on my knees and Ivy opened her legs so I could get my tongue on her wetness, licking at her and thinking she tasted almost as butterscotch as the color of her hair.