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Description: Big Pretty Mommy Need My Cock. Every once in awhile to try my luck on the slots. Scrubbie, empty those heavy balls. She had already opened up the little fold-down bed before she'd gone to the club car, and she smiled very mischievously when she told me to make myself comfortable while she poured the drinks. There, after shelling out another twenty bucks for an autographed photo (which I'll have to hide from my wife if I keep it) I managed to chat him up and invite him for a drink over at my hotel room during the break between his shows. But after a minute or two Annie reached down and gently tugged it away from me, and replaced it with her fantastic now-naked buns, spreading them wide so that I could see the dark brown pucker of her butthole as she clenched and unclenched it and then placed it on my mouth.
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