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Description: Backshots Get Real !!!. Her name was Theresa and lived in Brooklyn, but she traveled all over town to street fairs with her family's sausage concession. Then one day out of the blue he calls me to see if I can help fix something at his house. The front door wasn't locked and she took me into the shadowy back area behind the stairs, then opened a door that led to the basement. But we can save that stuff for another time. It's one of those places where you can get all sorts of items at much cheaper prices than anywhere in this expensive city. Do you want to feel my lips around your cock as you shoot your load into my mouth? Her thought ended as Rukia ran her index finger along 'Himes pussy lips. I got up and walked over to the bucket of ice sitting on the coffee table, in the sitting area of my office. Maybe I want to pretend I've got this stud for a hot date tonight. She had never felt so used, and discarded, and he didn't even do that much to her yet.