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Description: Them Strokes Tho. Had she not bitten into his shoulder, no doubt she would've screamed from getting banged so hard. So we all showered and dressed for dinner and found a great seafood restaurant. I took a few deep breaths, feeling like the world in general was a big waste of time, and the most fucked up place to be in right now, and headed inside. I thought its existence very odd not knowing its intended purpose. I dug deeply into his butt with my dick until he could feel the stubble of my shaven balls, and then I moved in and out, using him, smacking that bottom, even spitting on his back and calling him a whore. Each pair of men will flip a coin outside, determining whether they get head or tail. Luck was with us, we found a room, and a sweet night was the beginning of a lovely friendship that looks like it will continue into the winter and beyond! Rating 2/10