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Description: Wifey Creaming On The Dick. Stifling a cry of ecstasy, Lan began to hear his heartbeat getting louder and louder. It seemed like Rocky was always in heat. You bitch, I thought, you bitch you bitch you bitch. Lift your hips up dead girl! I knew that was his goal. I was leaving the store that final day when Joe, one of my co-workers, caught up with me on the street. Those unfettered by the bonds of marriage, were engaged in similar activities. She has dark, almost black eyes and a huge smile, highlighted by very white teeth and beautiful full lips. Sounded rather vague and odd, so I pressed 2 to satisfy my curiosity, whereupon I was offered yet another menu in Sandra's voice: Press 3 for blowjob action, press 4 for half-and-half, press 5 for. Rating 2/10
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