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Description: August Ames Gets Tricked And Fucked By Her Stepbrother - Filf. By catering to a woman's needs, I feel I'm in control. That would let any man stare twice when she walked the streets. Drinking is always harmful for health, sex is not! On the shuttle bus to the hotel from the airport, I was seated next to this rather voluptuous blonde gal. It felt as if I were wearing no rubber at all as she braced herself on my chest with her pink-polished fingers, angled me into her slit, and took me deep inside. I was lead to the couch and was forced to lay down. Ok let's go, what do you want, burger or pizza? She would then suck my dick hard and force me to fuck her like a wild man in the back seat. It was wonderful. I was embarrassed at this and served the ball once again. I turned down a mostly deserted street went a block and pulled into an alley. Andre - who'd gotten dressed while I was preparing our meal - produced a pen from his shirt's pocket and handed it to me, and I scrawled my name on the contract's last page. Rating 2/10
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