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Description: Nalgona. You're hard again. Rick slid his fingers in and out of Kendras pussy, she had Ricks cock in her mouth and her hands digging into Ricks ass. I ran my hands over her thighs, my fingers enjoying the silkiness of the stocking tops, the firm stretchiness of the garters. He was so deep inside of me. Sharp, vulgar and damning to the core are his accusations and railings against the Chancellor in general and of Charity specifically; so vitriolic is his anger, face turning red as flames themselves, many expect he will lunge forward to try and slay her himself. We are actually talking about starting an affair. It is that wild instrument, formed and seen massive before one' sight, is held bursting from within him, at his crotch, his bulge, a massive mound, to awaken impure thoughts and lustful desires from is no longer secret, for what he truly holds, the experienced and lustful savvy know. Rating 3/10
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