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Description: Touching And Fucking A Sexy Body!. It was just something spontaneous she said, but it grew into our pattern. Our new friend didn't waste any time in the room, which was in one of those boutique hotels springing up in the Chelsea area. Enslaved? Let me see your package and decide. We were sitting on a couch and she reached over to unzip my pants. Then slipping his fingers between our lips and stirring us up and then licking both our buttholes. My gorgeous girlfriend Amber really knows how to keep me in suspense. In a little while she came riding up, beautiful in her non-fussy way: blonde hair streaming, her glasses straight on her nose, the wind rippling her white blouse and the blue flower-print skirt. We almost must have made quite a picture ourselves, the clothed man on the floor holding up his nude woman's tawny legs and lapping at her while her head was buried in a volume.
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