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Description: Bedroom Bullies 3. I looked into her (and now I realized also HIS) eyes and then softly planted a kiss on those inviting lips of hers/his. But as she lay down next to me, she was still the same composed cookie as always, which startled me but didn't disappoint me; in fact, it excited me even more than if she had started gobbling my dick hungrily with those trim red-manicured fingers of hers. I want to be with you. He was used to my temper tantrums by now. There was an incredible buzz of shouting, swearing and laughter, as the three of us fucked as if our lives depended on it. Amber went straight to her room when we got home, I took care of normal house things. I couldn't contain myself. C'mon, imagine feeling that for hours on end as you take on one after another. Well that was progress to maybe getting her to put that gun away. Rating 4/10
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