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Description: Getting A Train Ran On Me Pt.1. Geri wasn't just what you would call curvy, she was really kind of heavy and meaty, and like a jerk I was mentally weighing her against the fantasy ideal in my mind, against the girl I hoped I would meet down here to justify the expense of the trip and the time I took away from my job. He stepped towards the bed slowly to keep Kevin in the dark. Well, a little, she said, but if you're understanding with me, I suppose it'll be okay. Red pubic hair. He tells me he understands as I hear his voice. And now Jonny and you. I asked as she kept glancing at my tent that was now going down. The night we were both very horny. I could fuck her ass all day long, but I knew I couldn't hold back much longer and time would be running out on us soon. To get back at her, I grabbed her by the waist and rammed my whole shaft inside, giving her a solid stretch. In most cases, yes it feels a lot better, much better than an average sized one. Fingered me to my first orgasm. Rating 3/10
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