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Duration: 06:13 Submitted: 1 month ago
Description: Interactive - Petite Blonde Cutie. I buried my face against her neck, her blonde hair soft and full against my cheek as I banged her fast below. I checked the med pack and got a packet of sulfa powder and shook it on to the wound. I gripped him as tight as I had with his hand covering mine and pulled it down, and back up again. I was confused and quickly thought back to all the talk shows, trying to remember if I'd seen any episodes about leg slaves, and I realized I must have missed those. No kissing, no lovey dovey, she went straight for the action, filling those sexy red lips with my apolitical white rod. Taking my dick in her gloved hands, she stroked the shaft and hefted the balls. I let my hands drift aimlessly across each of their sexy backs, down to their sweet asses, lightly, but firmly cupping each one bringing their warm soft cunny's lightly brushing the outside of each of my thighs. Rating 6/10