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Description: Yasmine Lee. She never imagined how good being taken by older man would be until me, losing her virginity and being fucked four times in one night. My all time favorite was the one where she had her mouth wide open and her tongue out as far as she could. It's amazing how many words you sometimes use just to say yes, Stu. Shove your giant cock in me to the balls! Saying his car had broken down he asked if he could call a friend from her phone. The okay sign with her fingers to indicate that my cock was, as she'd suspected, NOT little. I keep punching her face, forcing her head from one side to another. My pussy was directly in front of his face now and this invitation was too much for him to resist. Cumming! And she bit against the bulge of my boner in my trousers, not hard enough to hurt me, but enough to give me a thrill of danger feeling myself underneath the teeth of this wild woman—my wife of fourteen years!
Models: Yasmin Lee