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Description: Love Stroking. It already has my aroma, I bet. I'm sure there were women on the street who were looking at me while the guys (and maybe more than a few girls, too) were looking at Olivia. Close the door, Lester, she said. So you see, I took losing in my stride. It was like she'd actually become a serpent lady. Interviewer? said Velina after she came down from her climax. She wanted to sixty-nine too but I told her to let me concentrate on her for awhile, and I licked her till she nutted three or four times. There was a grouchy looking old male cashier behind the raised counter, reading the sports pages, and very softly on the radio we could hear some classical music station playing the William Tell overture, you know, what used to be known as the Lone Ranger theme in our grandparents' day. Do they have a need to cum, too? Jimmy, she said, coming into the living room, there are many things I like about you but one thing that I detest and worry about is your carelessness.
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