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Description: She Play With My Dick. When he bent in close to trim my eyebrows, we looked at each other harder. She came to the shampoo area and was taking the tops off of bottles, smelling them. Some girls were bolder than others, with no qualms about shedding their clothing or their inhibitions, all for the sake of having some quite naughty pictures taken. No, I said, no. Of course I sat at the edge of the stage and tipped her a lot and she asked if I wanted a lap dance when she was done. I'm writing this on the coffee table before I go to sleep. He's bought me a number of nice things to choose from, though; it's not like I make big investments in this myself! What the fuck am I? That always gets me going, smooching a girl and playing with myself. Maybe you will like my story too! You're right, she said, lighting a cigarette even though smoking was outlawed in the theater by state regulations. She works in the financial sector herself but is quite impressed by artists and other Bohemian folks. What are you reading?
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