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Description: The Boss' Massive Cock Needs Some Attention. We've all been there, I said, puffing on my own. There was a grouchy looking old male cashier behind the raised counter, reading the sports pages, and very softly on the radio we could hear some classical music station playing the William Tell overture, you know, what used to be known as the Lone Ranger theme in our grandparents' day. Then we both collapsed in a sweaty happy mess and, like I said at the beginning, Todd drifted off into a contented sleep only a few minutes later. I wondered why it didn't affect me that way, but I felt detached about those pictures. While Trudy's lips swallowed my inches deep and then moved up to lick and suck at my tip, I imagined Ms. About two zillion, actually, my place is small and crammed with stock. Your penis feels so strong and warm, she said, looking at me with those big eyes of hers, with dark eyelashes. I hadn't shaved myself in a few days and the stubble on my mound felt a little scratchy under her touch, but when she sank her fingers into my slit and reached all the wetness there I forgot the stubble and turned around fast to kiss her.
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