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Description: Aaron Bruiser & Alexander Motogazzi. But Bob soothed him with a good tip and soon we were upstairs in our condo. She spread her bright pink and I licked all over her lips and then kissed her clit and sucked it slowly. But she didn't (I guess the fingers worked, because her mouth didn't let go of ‘em, leaving marks too), and we fucked like two savages for about ten minutes straight until she came like a beast tight on my pole. Goddamn, one day I got get windshield wipers for these specs. She laughed and stood up. The town has changed a lot in recent years with much gentrification and re-purposing of old buildings for new uses (like the auditorium, which used to be a movie theater but now solely features music). The sky—or should I say the gutter? I'd never done a double penetration, although Jake told me he had awhile back. Velina was just what I like, sexually speaking, with her tight little spinner body, handfuls of titties, and mischievous gleam in her eyes.
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