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Description: Ben Beating His Dick. Oh kiss me, me forget it! I told myself I would just have one beer and give him some bullshit story before departing. From the fingering came wetness, from the caressing of her nub came arousal, and soon my chilly nymph was responding, if not with affection in her eyes but certainly with arousal in her loins. Jimmy came home late tonight from one of his girlfriends, and I could tell by the sleepy look in his eye that he'd been fucking her all night. Hunter, yes! He's not a lover—not a boyfriend—but my sissy slave. We lay kissing and caressing then I moved down to suck on those nipples while sliding down her panties. So I'm free and this is your chance! She reached out for my hands and pulled them onto her boobs. Then it was time for my fun, and when Felicia recovered from her orgasm, she slid down to the floor and undid my crotch panel. We kissed and leaned against the wall, with Sandra rubbing my nipples and sucking on my tongue and then fingering my pussy.
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