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Description: Jake Andrews Serviced By Jake Cruise. He was keeping most of the Lana photos for himself, but selling some duplicates. Sanjay and me have been friends till now from last 10 years and had been more known to the world outside a friends as brothers. Her as she was jumping with her both hands up. And so we went into the ladies room, which was designed for only one customer (or one pair of customers, LOL!) at a time. She smiled and we started to kiss. I checked the med pack and got a packet of sulfa powder and shook it on to the wound. She put her mouth on my rod, and started bobbing her head up and down. I will position one of the pictures to watch over me as I kneel and serve you, master. He strategically placed a particularly stern looking image on a bookshelf so that it almost seemed as if Mistress Lana was in the room.