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Description: Small Cock Cums 14. Actually fast friends. I had been working at a famous department store in the stockroom, doing inventory and warehouse stuff during the day, while I tried to get my acting career (such as it was) going at night. I'm conservative myself, more of a heels and dress kind of girl, but we all know how opposites attract. Great Friday night. With her sexy purring voice, she asked me what I wanted her to do. But my paranoia was unwarranted. I can't help being a shoe fiend! Many guys dream about having a daring girlfriend like Sofia and I suppose I lucked out. Three hundred eighty-nine seventy five, I said, hopeful I was impressing her. Tan lines and hard nipples, ample breasts and a little extra fullness to her ass. I noticed he was rubbing himself through his pants, and I suddenly felt generous; and willing to give away the upper hand. We decided to go back to Ivy's place to sample one each of the movies we'd just gotten.
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