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Description: Big Daddy Zak Spears Fucks Sexy Boy Ethan On Kitchen Counter. I tried not to show how much she aroused me. Then she did something so amazing: she told me I could have her socks as souvenirs if I paid her for them the same price as for a lapdance! She looked at the chains that tied her to the wall, her wrists and feet hurt, but no use complaining about them now. Soon it was my turn and I finished off by ejaculating all over her tits and stomach. Sara said in a whisper, her voice cloudy, and stricken. She'd then kissed her boss passionately, thanking him for the marvelous night. What are you reading? Shall we get back to work? My friend came up with the idea of running a special titled The Summer of Boudoir Beauty! I'd never taken personal shots, not that I'm a prude, it's just I never knew how to broach the advertising aspect, so instead, I kept things pretty plain vanilla. Rating 4/10
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