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Description: Prison Bunks. Up by this madcap carrot-top, and my usual paranoia that something had to be wrong with good luck like this—that maybe she was a psycho killer and that once up in her apartment she would chop off. Hearing this miss Tobin lay motionless. Finally he said, Jason, you're the one I'm living with. I had not told Cindy I was going home, since this was before cell phones, and I did not want to bother her at work so she obviously thought I was working. For an answer, Kelly reached down to his semi-hard dick and stroked slowly while guiding him to her soaking entrance. Rob shouted when he was finally done blowing the rest of his load in my mouth. I'm not sure if it was the liquor or the fact I hadn't been laid in some time, but we both sort of forgot there were other people in the room and suddenly this adult game of Spin the Bottle became a foreplay session. Rating 6/10
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