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Description: Hairy Milf Olga Gets Her Cock. This came to mind when I was sitting in an ordinary Chinese restaurant on the West Side of Manhattan one evening. You see, I'd positioned myself on the carpet so that I could watch us in the full-length mirrors on the closet doors, and it was funny how the shape of those doors and those mirrors made it look like. The fleshy snugness of her boobs was like paradise to my prick and then she told me, Come on, honey, don't hold back, gimme all you got and don't wait till Sunday! It was Thursday so I wasn't gonna dawdle! Because I'm no more capable of being faithful than that boyfriend of hers. She let her stripper shoes fall and clunk on the floor and she put those pink ruffly socked feet on my lap. That was an activity I'd long shared with my boyfriend, but we'd recently broken up, so being solo now I felt a little melancholy afterward and went to a nice restaurant to cheer myself up. I slowly walked up to her and introduced myself.
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