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Description: Fully Hard Needle Dick. There was a grouchy looking old male cashier behind the raised counter, reading the sports pages, and very softly on the radio we could hear some classical music station playing the William Tell overture, you know, what used to be known as the Lone Ranger theme in our grandparents' day. I really wanted to eat her too so I got off the bed and kneeled in front and put my mouth on her mound and kissed all over its smooth shaved wetness. My mouth as I slipped my tongue inside and lapped all around, tasting her juiciness and sucking on her clit. She had long legs made for lifting high into the air, and the way she kept her pussy mound trimmed in a triangle shape, yes, she was exquisite. On with the tribute. You'll be the gladiator, Tom. No introduction, no niceties, just I'd like you to come to my office. That meant she worked in the publishing company which owned this famous building and occupied all the floors. I wanted to thank him.