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Description: Military Buddy Breeds My Hole. I was writhing in a mixture of agony and ecstasy and the fact that I was still tied up and could do nothing for myself was driving me mad with passion. Well, one particular sin. Mindy felt his balls and licked them. Under my lashing tongue on her neck, she is soon grinding her hips and slapping her ass back against me with vigorous thrusts, jamming herself again and again on my hard cock. Didn't her asshole make his cock feel good? I guess she left for home already. It was important to keep up appearances though because I still loved my wife and son and the last thing I needed was to break up our home. Like a masterpiece, hmm? She ran the tip of her tongue out between her lips and smiled, then took me by the shoulders and urged me to the floor. Ok, that goes with what he is about to say. When we got back to Aurora's apartment, the boxes were already waiting with the doorman. He came to a final halt before me, breathing and sighing heavily. When we got up to my apartment I was trembling, as I usually do when I'm with another girl the first time, shaking with the excitement of having another lesbian adventure. Rating 1/10
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