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Description: V6 Still Stroking It. She greeted me at the door dressed in her finest regalia. Orihine sped up the speed and increased the pressure on Rukia's love button, while Rukia now held 'Himes clit gently between her teeth, push the skin back of it so she could concentrate her suction and tongue on the healers long, hard mini-penis. But ohhhh that feeling. Orihime felt the scrapping on her tender, swollen clit and this was her trigger. Her body was wet, and her boobs were hidden by her long curly blond hairs. I pulled off the shorts and t-shirt I slept in and climbed over Mindy, rubbing my stiff shaft over her hairy bush and then slipping into her slit. She had a perfect to perfect body shape, I must say 10++ out of 10. Being fucked by my man, his hands holding my ass as I banged him faster and faster until I exploded on his prick over and over—I was no mind now, only body. Rating 2/10
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