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Description: Meine Pissfotzen Sammlung. I guess that all depends on you. Getting on the sagging bed, I gripped the faded coverlet as I heard him spit on his fingers and lube up my butthole. Then she did something so amazing: she told me I could have her socks as souvenirs if I paid her for them the same price as for a lapdance! I matched Martha all the way. He's bought me a number of nice things to choose from, though; it's not like I make big investments in this myself! Well, a little, she said, but if you're understanding with me, I suppose it'll be okay. He looked up at me with big innocent eyes, which of course were not innocent but clearly experienced; but innocence was his brand, you might say, and—even as he held my shaft and lapped at my shaved. I couldn't help but smile at this beautiful touch of sadism. She's kind of a big, sloppy woman, always in pantsuits now, although I've seen pictures of her from thirty-five years ago when she was still an actress herself and she was so hot, kind of a Raquel Welch type but with more hips.