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Description: Gets Free Ride Gina Devine. Tina and Mina each took one of my legs and danced over it, undulating their rippling tummies and bouncing their perky titties before my lusting eyeballs, then twerking their tushes against my thighs and knees. Every stitch, bitch, he said, standing there as I moved over to the day bed in the corner of my studio apartment and removed everything even as he took out his prick from his blue pants. Nothing like a male who's as game for my fun as well as his own! Last weekend I took a girl named Annie out to the carnival. So I'm free and this is your chance! She reached out for my hands and pulled them onto her boobs. I really wanted to eat her too so I got off the bed and kneeled in front and put my mouth on her mound and kissed all over its smooth shaved wetness. My hands were under her blouse and she lifted it off and undid her bra too.
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