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Description: Ich Wixxe Mir Einen / Me Jerking My Cock. Tan lines and hard nipples, ample breasts and a little extra fullness to her ass. But don't show my face. Bucking my boner up, I fucked her snug squishy pussy quickly, but I fed her some fingers too just in case she might start compulsively chatting in the middle of all this fun. When we got to his apartment Friday night, we smoked a joint and then he went down on me, right there on the couch. I don't know what you do for a living, and I don't care, but I'm a powerful person and I can treat people like toys if I wish. She sighed from the sensation. She took out my cock and began sucking it furiously, slurping deeply into her face, making a lot of squishy saliva noises as she opened her mouth really wide to take it all in. I placed my hands lightly on her bottom and let her do her thing, her breasts bobbing against my chest. Getting on the sagging bed, I gripped the faded coverlet as I heard him spit on his fingers and lube up my butthole. It was my idea for us to roleplay hooker and customer. It had always been one of my fantasies.