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Description: Raw Chem Fuck. So like I've said in the past, I've gotten my girl on the idea of taking more than one cock. He told me to lay on the bed and take my panties off. I tickled him some more on his sides and then for extra torment I flicked my fingers over his soles. It was a good thing I wore a sport coat or the whole audience would've seen the boner inside my slacks. God groaned Thor. She didn't live far away. She'd clearly been brought up by one of those Asian high-discipline tiger moms we read about in the papers now and then. It was just something spontaneous she said, but it grew into our pattern. I almost fell back into the car. Suddenly, my heart pounding, I walked toward the back, swaying my hips just a little (I knew it wasn't necessary but it made me feel so pervy), and I saw that the two booths connected by the suck hole were unoccupied.