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Description: Dillon Fucks Aaron Preview. It filled her completely, sliding in and out of her as she slowly and skillfully moved up and down. I didn't know if I'd given her any kind of signals, but the fact was my ex-husband (Paula's father) had divorced me years ago because he'd learned that I had an affair with a female neighbor. But I was willing to be her cuck, and she wanted me to be and to keep me close for this very special function, and that was a kind of love I could live with. You gotta go with the flow, that's my motto like I've said, so I treated it not like an ordinary prick but instead as a unique delicacy, like cock caviar, kissing, stroking, tugging, and really worshiping. Presumably to pick me up, she'd asked me what was the name of my shade of lipstick (it was nothing special but the question served its purpose) and that had led to a drink and nice conversation.