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Description: Filipina Sucking And Fucking Part1. He dropped to his knees, unlacing my boots, slipping them off, removing my socks, and then sliding out of the way for me to sit down in my recliner. He fucked me on my back, had me straddle him and fuck him from above, and then he got me on my knees and did me from behind. Uncrossing my legs, sitting up straight, I leaned forward just enough for him to see the depth of my cleavage past the unfastened buttons of my red blouse. Which was okay with me, since his attention got my dick hard in my pants. Our sexual relationship had become humdrum until one day I bought her an expensive coat and she told me she was so happy with it that I could kneel and eat her pussy while she tried it on. Sniff it, Harry. I heard the light metallic clunk as she put her can of Sprite down on the coffee table and came behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist, one hand slinking under the front of my long shirt and cupping my pussy through the filmy panties.