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Description: Mercy X D.va X Genji. I thought maybe we could find a room in a bed-and-breakfast nearby. Miss Andrews had a musky smell that mixed with the perfume she put down between her thighs, and it was like being in a secret lesbian world between her legs; I didn't want to get up even if my nylons bagged, oh I just wanted to lick and lick and lick! It was almost as if she were going to say, Ta-Dah! there was such a look of pride on her face, and with good reason, her boobs were great. Well, needless to say that particular wheelbarrow coupling came to a satisfactory conclusion. You know what you have to do, Daphne, said Miss Andrews, and I certainly did. It wasn't the first time Kirsten had seen me do this, and I did note that my behavior made her quite tense. Fantastic all-natural 34D boobs shaking back and forth with every thrust, when suddenly she pulled me down and kissed me deep and then said she'd been thinking all day about getting it from me in the ass.