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Description: For My Girl. When Ben invited me to wait with him in the room as Tammy took a quick shower, I smiled inside my horny handsome head. It didn't seem so important to Daniella to cum; maybe seducing me was all she really wanted. She rolled me on to my stoumach and told me to keep my eyes closed because she had a surprise for me. Beg for it, you little slut! What do you want to do? she asked. I am so thrilled to have you for my own and I promise that I will love and cherish you forever. Bowing before him she continued. Her name was Geri and she was staying at the same hotel. They just show up every once in awhile in these loft buildings, what can I say? I gasped in delight as her cum spurted into my pussy's depths. -----------Author's message: I am SO sorry about how long this took.