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Description: Josh Gets A Handjob. The feeling of our cocks pressing against the other was itself almost enough to make me cum. Time to seal the deal, Counselor. She stood up and grabbed my hair and stood me up. Of his shaft, she'd have surely burst if she not pulled out when he did, cum was still leaking out of the eye of his helmet. You will always have a craving for both men and women, it only partially subsides after an orgasm. I heard the light metallic clunk as she put her can of Sprite down on the coffee table and came behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist, one hand slinking under the front of my long shirt and cupping my pussy through the filmy panties. There was guy, good looking, tall, dark hair and the chiseled cheek bones that says he could have starred in the next James Bond movie, he had that bit of a swag to him. I blew my shot within a minute and collapsed on top of her. Then she sat up and climbed over me.
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