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Duration: 10:28 Submitted: 1 month ago
Description: Josh Ryan's Massage With Release. Her cheeks enveloped me, tight against each side of my face, as I kissed and licked her rosebud and then moved my tongue around in a circle, probing, penetrating, then moving out and kissing her crack everywhere. Although Arleen was fine, Melody was sitting glassy-eyed and had slumped in. Rolan grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart then plunged his cock deep into her tight hole. She silently looked down at me. Night-night Melody. I don't even think she could use the pockets. Dropped to her knees again and sucked Shane's softening cock into her. I quickly fetched a handkerchief out from under my pillow and mopped myself up. She had turned away from me and was avoiding eye contact. We kissed deeply, my hands roaming over her body in that light dress. She gingerly kissed the head of his cock, and then dipped her head to lick the underside of it. That's nice David! Arleen shook her head, still sobbing. Both girls melted. Quickly locked up the facility. I guess I'm what you would call a female cuckold.