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Description: Fleshlight Fun In The Shower - Part 2. Steve laughed and said, All right, let me just finish this one order and I'll meet you on the bed. It's sexy for me to be almost naked when a man is dressed and playing with me, and Zack loves to rub my body through the nightie, tweak my nipples and lick them through the material, while sliding his hand down to rub my tight little slit. This wasn't about sex, but safety. I couldn't believe how I got played but wanted to please my little birthday princess nevertheless. She didn't seem to mind them, her piercing hazel eyes locked with mine and she picked up the tempo. I told her to move up so I could have a little taste of her, too, so she shifted in the grass even as she tugged off her shorts. With a sudden thought I moved under the cover, pulled down her underwear and started kissing her stomach while placing my hands under those big round butt cheeks. Rating 6/10