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Description: Fleshlight Fun In The Shower - Part 2. A tight fitting pair of leggings showed every curve of her body from waist down. Hmmmm that just might be fun she thought and let out a little giggle. I didn't find it disgusting, I found it horny and obviously so did he. I decided it was time to surprise her, and make him pull out. He said putting down his final card. Even though she didn't like it, she stayed with them, only because I asked her too. She was hit by that words. I took off my cock from her vagina. And flopping down next to him on the bed. Oh yeah, you gay boy cum slut, here it fucking is! he gasped, take your damn mouth off and watch it spray! When I looked up, I could no longer see her face, she had tilted her head back pressing her hair into the cushion. That's exciting! I said, clapping my hands together so that my bracelets jangled a little. Although there wasn't anything wrong with Farhana being so fanatic about it, after all Afsana her self was a devout Muslim but her sister would always take it to the next level. Rating 6/10