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Description: Prettydirty Uncle Tommy Turned On By Watersports. She reached for the button on his shorts and as she unzipped them and pulled them down, his already partly stiff cock sprang up and slapped her face. Without another word she pulled his face into her planting a deep kiss on his lips. With my panties on your head? Lucy's head was spinning at the suddenness' of her latest encounter. I knew if I entered through the front door, the alarm would sound. Yes sir, I said, opening wide and sliding his many inches over my tongue and then clamping my lips around his girth. My breath caught in my chest. I could imagine her tongue tasting me from my neck to my nipples and down to my belly and clit. Roz said I couldn't fuck you but that's not going to stop me from fucking you She laughed loudly while I grabbed her hips thrusting my cock even further in her pussy.