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Description: Jordan Jacobs Needs Two Pricks To Satisfy His Needs. We had no idea we were now next door to an erotic female demon. It was all a bit of a whirl for me, as I usually don't meet ladies so easily, but once we got undressed and I saw her curvy freckled nakedness, my boner was back at attention as we tumbled onto her bed. He was an art historian and lecturer and was always taking me to museums and galleries. Tim grabbed the edge of the toilet to balance himself as I held his head in my fingers and slid my prick back and forth into his lips, using him like the pretty hole he was. Jared's eyes were wide over the panties in his mouth, and I realized he was sucking and chewing on the fabric as if trying to absorb all my flavors. It was fantasies of cock and muscular men and getting fucked that really got me going, more than pussy and tits and curves. But I had a surprise for Tim. I pinched lightly and then cupped the fleshiness while she gave a throaty moan through the kiss we shared.