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Description: Tattooed Drunk Girl Gets Banged In Her Butt. I walk to work each day and I have to pass a construction site for a new office building, and although I'm not a flashy girl I get my share of attention from the men. God damn it Katie, its broken, m not wimping out Alice complained. Don't worry, you'll like them. Despite its odd softness, Felurian's voice ran down my spine, making me feel like a cat that's just been stroked down to the tip of its tail. I was pulling almost all the way out and slamming back ball deep, going a little faster each time. You just always know the remedies, I whispered, kissing her mouth and ear, I guess you must like me a little, huh, Becko? I called her Becko whenever I got all lovey like that. I didn't mean to, but the excitement of all this pushed me over the top too.
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