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Description: Jayna Takes A Break From Cleaning To Suck Cock. My eyes opened to find my best friend and the pizza guy sharing intercourse right beside me! She didn't have to tie me; I knew enough not to move. She was a hard-bodied little Asian in an oversized shirt, tight blue jeans that made her legs look almost like blue sticks, and sneakers. It was like a dream but once I felt her heavy beauties in my hands and she was smiling at me to squeeze and rub them, I knew it was real. Just let them know that you are interested and when the right moment arrives show them that big bulge in your pants. He tugged my jeans down so he could cup his hands around my ass. Luckily I only 'dreamed' she ask me that question. But with my climax they magically came undone. Well, I can't think of better accommodations, so hell yeah. When he heard those words slip into his ears he had to force his jaw from not dropping in complete shock. Then I straddled him, not putting him into my pussy but just letting his rigid meat rub against my damp groove, feeling my moist heat but unable to penetrate.