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Description: Pissing Im The Morning. If that's the kind of build-up she wants and needs before we start fooling around, I'm game. It sure didn't take long for that to happen! Suddenly I felt myself spurting in Trudy even as my tongue stuck out of my face as I tried to bring the invisible signorina to orgasm too. I let him hold my head and thrust in and out for a while until I felt that we're both ready for the main attraction. And after I cum and after you're hard again, you'll give me some of that stick in my pussy too! I ran my hands over her thighs, my fingers enjoying the silkiness of the stocking tops, the firm stretchiness of the garters. Once we got naked (we didn't pull down the bedspread but just tugged off our clothes and pushed them aside) we didn't stop kissing for a long time, and Marina scissored her smooth strong leg between mine, keeping it pressed against my crotch. He reached under the table, unzipped his pants and unleashed his thick, throbbing erection.
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