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Description: Pissing Im The Morning. Baker seeing him like this would be the icing on the cake of my total control of him. I got a craving for a Coke but didn't have any in the house, but luckily there is a vending machine on the ground floor of the building, so I put on some panties, flip-flops, and a big pullover shirt that came down to the middle of my thighs. You-don't-want-R8-Z4-to-get-rusty-from-spermie, do-you-master? And I lifted up and planted my gooey cunt on his face. As a reward for your honesty. A goddess ALWAYS knows, she said. He's bought me a number of nice things to choose from, though; it's not like I make big investments in this myself! It wasn't the first time Kirsten had seen me do this, and I did note that my behavior made her quite tense.
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