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Description: Milking My Throbbing Cock. I stubbed out my own cigarette. My daughter asked, her eyes so wide. There was something very hot about feeling Jerrold's mouth on my soles through the hose—hot because he was so passionate, kissing my toes, taking them into his mouth, even as he ran his hands up and down my legs and then kissing them all over. Her hand brushed across my cock. She said finally. She kept jacking me. It didn't take long for her to cum again. She said glancing his way again then smirking to Mayla. She asked curiously as the dress fell to the floor. Myself, I've been with women before, although it's not the main focus of my sex life. Oh god I know I'm going to have mom get me on the pill after this. I moved to the chair and Mistress teased and pulled at my nipples, making them hard before she clamped both of them. The sky—or should I say the gutter? I was banging her fast and hard because her vag was more than ready to take my full girth.