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Description: Watch Me Wave On The Dick. Now spread your legs nice and wide, baby. Can I have him again before I go to bed? I reached for my cell phone. At times I thought I hit her too hard but never heard any objections. I could feel my face getting red as I snapped my head the other way.The bus got extremely quiet ,and by this time I could feel everyone's eyes on me as I slunk down in my seat wishing I could just disappear. He was the perfect length, the perfect thickness. Malcolm remarked. And that was it for me - as she was collapsed on me, I thrust up equally hard into her and delivered several solid, huge loads of warm cum inside her as she managed to catch a breath and relaxed her grip on my arm, settling down onto my body totally spent. Well it's a start, but what if I want something else? There you dick, that's for treating two good women like shit. Don't the girls in the club go wild when they sit on your lap and feel it?
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