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Description: Shemale Samba Mania 44 - Scene 2. I could imagine her tongue tasting me from my neck to my nipples and down to my belly and clit. He pounded her for a good 5 minutes, but he almost came a bunch of times. We should stop now, I said Not yet Sonali and bit her nipple. Dad sat down and opened his beer. After all I was his five hundred dollar whore, wasn't I? He took my shaft like a champ (gotta say I really enjoyed smacking it when I did him doggie style) and it was a creamy happy ending for me and the Columbus Day weekend! Sara had worked at a copyright company folding files into boxes, putting those files into computers, copying files, and sending them out to attorneys before their court date if needed, she knew the system well, and was proud of it.
Models: Rick Montilla