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Description: Stripper Step Sis Wants My Dick. Not that I minded. The cream landed on his hand and I told him if he didn't want to eat it, there were some napkins over there on the coffee table. But it was okay. I'm not your master, Harvey. As I came on my finger while he squirted over my ass, I reviewed in my mind the funky taste of his cock as I'd sucked it, and the wondering look in Jimmy's eyes as he saw further proof that while he may be the tomcat of the family, I am the biggest freak! There are no words; only the attached image of a strap. We're only getting started. He had a firm touch on my head and shoulders as he did the job. My knees were weak, my head was spinning, my balls were drained and nothing was accomplished on the entertainment center that day. A good example of one of these fantasy figures is an amazingly gorgeous gal I saw the other day around rush hour as I was walking to my office. In my therapy, I realized that what I first figured was incredible jealousy over Jimmy's inability to keep his cock in his pants around other females was actually a cover for my true desire, which was.