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Description: Exxxtrasmall - Tiny Babe Goes On A Hunt For Dick. Catch-as-catch-can affair. I scooped what she had on her chin and fed it to her as she looked up at me with pure and absolute lust in her eyes. They played this game. I took her hand, pulling it against me, rubbing it against my crotch, up and down. Those are puny compared to God's dick. She whispered: (If mom knew how many times I have played with myself, thinking of you and I having sex, she would flip out. We fixed my soaking bed and moved to her bedroom. We lay there a long time just enjoying our freedom and feeling us all over naked. Pushing anger aside, she called Dolly. He'd unzip my jeans and pull them off in a hurry, and then grab my panties in a bunch and just rip ‘em off.