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Description: Savannah Fox - Second Feeding - Load My Mouth. And now that you've had your fun, will you allow me mine? I got to cum too. I went to get him a beer, and when I returned he showed me how he'd won a minor jackpot in my absence. And so, with a few really fast pulls, Annie brought me over the top, catching my load in her palm so that I didn't stain the back of her jacket. Wait for me in your bra. And even climb trees with our daughters and son! We slipped into a booth, which didn't even have a seat, but just the video screen displaying its various options of three hundred movies. If my husband reads this: now we're even. Tina would've been great in a movie herself, but I'm glad she kept her sexuality confined to our relationship! At first I wanted to back away and run back to my work, and then I felt a twitch in my stomach that surprised even me.