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Description: Blacked Out - Scene 2. I turned on the shower. But did I really care? Sure, we still fuck plenty, but cumming through facesitting has become one of my very favorite things, especially when I can play with his cock and make it spurt all over his sexy abs at the same time! She played with the tip, which was a little moist. That confused me for a second, but I hoped I figured out what game she was trying to play. I'm so thankful, I could kiss you! he said. He was really into the fantasy, holding the toga around him. Her eyebrows raised. His eyes opened wide under my sac. This was my wife, Marina, who works as a bookkeeper for a used car lot but now looked like she'd come out of some wild fantasy movie on late night cable! So I bring a little something or other in my bag to entertain him. She and I shared everything growing up but never this. A couple of days back I didn't feel very well, so I skipped work.