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Description: Lex Steele In Hot Ebony Action!. Thinking about what I'd done in there earlier made my dick twitch, and I winced, because I was starting to get chaffed. It was fun to see her playfully interact with the curtain, tugging it around her small pink-nippled breasts and cute butt, then dropping it away and posing almost rebelliously with her hands on her hips and even sticking her tongue out at me once or twice, when she wasn't smiling mischievously. Farhana noticed how her son eye's scanned her body and followed it like a predator who was sizing up his prey. But they hung in there! Later I wanted Gretchen to see Bob fuck me while she kept kissing me, and it was lovely to watch her face rubbing against my long blonde hair and then seeking my lips and lapping at them with her sweet pink tongue.
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