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Description: Asian Cougars - Scene 4. Into her pussy went my fingers and that was one place, at least, where she was far from cool! I went to check it out. I work as a dominatrix, and I'm always interested in finding out what little kinks and fantasies are going on inside so-called vanilla minds. I wanted her while she was fresh in my mind, and while the fragrance of perfume still lingered. It was close to midnight. We don't discuss that much at that. That's when I found our sitter on the couch, eyes closed and ears plugged with a set of headphones, completely immersed in playing with herself. Aurora was at the event with another aspirant to the heights of creative achievement, such as herself; a handsome young man, perhaps, but rather shallow and, if I judged correctly, clearly doomed to eventual failure in his endeavors. I was trying to think of anything constructive to say when she suddenly pulled me close and planted a long sloppy kiss on my mouth. When I got to my life drawing class that Saturday afternoon, I saw that Theresa had taken the advice I'd given her Thursday night in the bar.