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Description: On The Road South Beach - Scene 4. There's nothing like the best friend you grew up with, the one that's seen you cry, shared your laughter and always ready to be a part of any adventure. Look, we were alone, is that what you wanna know? He was always cheery on Fridays. Go on son suck me Joe said again as he pushed me down firmly onto my knees. The purr finally turned into a full moan as my tongue touched her clit. Sometimes she stands behind me and has me scroll through videos and pictures and stories while I sit there naked in her den at her family computer and masturbate myself while she watches. Why did that thing feel so different to touch. Orihime repositioned her body so that the nipple of her much larger breast was hovering ever so close to Rukias smaller yet hard nubbin. Placing repeated soft kisses, Rukia's lips started their journey, little by little to Orihime's swollen nipple and at the same time her hands, wrapped around the young healer, found the zipper that would remove the skirt that Orihime wore.