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Description: Kelly Staxxx Vs. Mr Marcus. I'm not too good at dancing. I guess I could have left if I felt so weirded out, but the idea of just being one of this batch of nude women servicing these two brawny construction workers (they were also naked) appealed to me in a down-and-dirty way. Yes sir, I replied. She slowly slid the skirt up to show her shaved pussy and said, You will owe me a good fucking when we get back here. Uuuunh, fuck, I'm gonna cum!! We sat there drinking and thinking back on this incredible whore fucking us. Hopefully, they were more successful than we were. Enough eyeshadow to make my lids look so kissable when I close them.I had on a light green blouse with polka dots, and slightly transparent so any man on the train could glimpse my black bra underneath.I. As I joined her there, I thought: what does she really think of me? All the background noises died in an instant and all I heard were the faint squishy noises his skin made whenever I pulled it down.
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